Danvers Consultation & Research Firm, Inc. - The leader in auditing bills and GPS mapping of utilities.
Welcome to Danvers Consultation and Research Firm, Inc.
DCR has recovered  thousands in energy overcharges dollars.
We are a consulting and GPS mapping organization that works with agencies and organization to decrease their bills and help with cost savings and accurate inventory. DCR has not only reduced our client’s electric bills and produced accurate mappings of streetlights and meters. We have also recovered thousands of dollars for as far back as 5 years for overcharges.  We have discovered up to 15% errors in these bills and inventory.
One of the greatest problem with these bills is the agencies administrators do not understand how to read the bills based on the many charges posted to the account. DCR has been able to create a spreadsheet with a break down of the services components, ownership and their cost. This enables our clients to have a better understanding and control over the service and cost.
DCR has the resources to generate maximum results for its clients.
With DCR’s years of  consulting expertise it is able to:
Maximize current electric services and usage
Remove items from inventory that don’t exist
Correct billing errors
Identify and correct coordinates of items within the boundary lines
Realized and recover past overcharges
Make recommendations for efficiency in the service and cost savings
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