Danvers Consultation & Research Firm, Inc. - The leader in auditing bills and GPS mapping of utilities.
How We Can Help Taxpayers
Danvers Consultation and Research Firm, Inc. was formed in 2004, which specializes in streetlights and meters auditing, inventory and GPS mapping.
We are dedicated to produce accurate inventory, computerized data, and cost savings analysis for Danvers Consultation and Research Firm, Inc. clients. This is done by our extensive knowledge and understanding of energy bills and location of streetlights and meters, along with utility components. This results in the form of substantially reduced costs and enhanced service levels.
DCR seeks to help taxpayers save money. Based on our experience we were able to locate several discrepancies in the municipal streetlight billings that DCR has audited in South Florida, USA. The City of Tamarac has received a credit of
$200, 000 for streetlight bills overcharge, due to the very strong presence of DCR. Likewise the City of Miramar and the City of Coconut Creek who received credit through the same process in the amount of $52,000 and $70,000 respectively. Although, the energy provider Florida Power and Light denied the claims on several occasions, appropriate evidence were produced that lead to the credits. It is important to note that all the cities our firm has audited came up with just about the same amount of errors percentage wise. Mike Danvers, while working with the City of Pompano Beach also helped the city to recovered just over $65,000.
We have the staff and support to ensure all products are delivered to specification and on a timely base. Our team has a wealth of experience, which has been helping in our great work.